Friday, February 11, 2011

Christmas In Indiana....

Sorry for my blogging absence...still some more Christmas to post ;)  After our trip to Chicago we headed to Indiana for some wonderful time with Jared's family!  It was so great to see everyone and be able to spend so much time with both our families...wish so much we lived closer.  How many times will I say that...well probably for both our families until we actually do..haha!
Our first Christmas celebration there was the Burke Christmas which is Jared's mom's side of the family.  I took some pictures during this time but not really any that ended up being any good :(  We had a wonderful day with the whole family, a great meal and is the tradition a white elephant gift exchange.  Which we try to find the best gift we can to throw into the mix. 
We then had our annual family shopping day where we try to finish up any shopping we have not done for each other.  Great that we can also take advantage of the after Christmas sales ;)
Finally we had our Seaman Family Christmas, this first pick is a glimpse of Jared during our brunch which was delicious!!
Next we moved on to gifts ;)  Lots and lots for everyone!!
Stockings too, although Santa had to put all our gifts in bags as they would not fit in our stockings :)
A picture with my Jared and his mom with some of our fabulous gifts that she gave us this year :)
Libby was a little tired from all the fun in Chicago still and to top it off in Indiana she also got to play with her cousin Zeus, she took a little rest during all our Christmas fun :)
Nate and Mom showing off his awesome gift to her!  He is very creative and lets just say his gift is to try to start saving some money ;)
Heather and Mom with the awesome pink snuggie that she got her!
Nate and Jared in some of their awesome Colts gear, thanks Mom!!
Had to put this one in :)  I made Christmas bags this year for my mother in law for the gifts that she gives all of us.  We get so many wonderful gifts from her each year and to make life a little easier I thought I should make bags for each person in the family in hopes that she isn't up all night before we celebrate Christmas.  I think it helped and was fun but not sure that any more sleep was gotten this year :)
The girls showing off some of the great gifts - pj's and bags to just name a few :)
Our trip was wonderful and so thankful to be able to spend time with family although the car ride was not quite as fun this year with having to stop so much due to being pregnant.  We will have to see how our little one is next year before we set out on our journey.  Hope he will be a good car traveler ;)
One final pic that I must share.  Libby is quite the retriever and loves to play frisbee with Jared, she jumps and catches it in the air and will run after just about any ball or object you will throw for her.  Well her cousin Zeus likes it as well but has a few different habits when it comes to going after the frisbee.  Libby drops it and takes off, Zeus will wait until you throw.  Well Jared learned that the hard way and when Zeus dropped the frisbee and he went down to pick it up Zeus jumped up and hit his head on the top of Jared's eye.   He kept trying to come up with a "fun" story about what happened but to no avail many friends/family/co-workers and strangers asked him what happened when his eye looked like this ;)
Next up, what we have been up to in Texas, a belly pic update and my Texas baby shower!!