Monday, July 18, 2011

Cattle Drive!

While Grandma JoJo and Uncle Nate were visiting we thought we would take the opportunity to go to Fort Worth to the daily cattle drive.  Something everyone must experience in Texas right?!?  Now something to check off the bucket list and it gave us the excuse to go to Fort Worth which is always fun since it really seems like you are "in Texas" there and to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant,
 Joe T Garcia's!

Welcome to the Stockyards...
 A little yawn waiting for the cattle drive to begin.
 One of many attempts that day to get Caleb to smile!
 Daddy and Caleb, he seems to think the ground is much more interesting than the camera.
 Garren, a family friend also joined us for this trip.  Here are all the boys and if you look close Caleb is giving a little smile too!
 Here come the cattle!!
 Caleb's first picture with a longhorn!
 And if you blink you might miss it!  Until next time Ft. Worth although we may go back at night next time since it is way to hot to spend to much time walking around in this heat!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Swimmer

Grandma JoJo and Uncle Nate came to visit and we got to take Caleb swimming a few more times which he loved! We have a feeling he thinks it is just an extended bath where we actually let him suck on his hands.  Jared's Aunt and Uncle, where we take Caleb swimming, have a salt water pool and Caleb likes the new taste on his hands of salt!
Here are a few swimming pictures during their visit!
Caleb is wearing his "Big Kahuna" swim shirt!
Just hangin' out with all my sun gear on!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Caleb's First 4th of July

Caleb's had a great first 4th of July, first he got to spend the whole weekend with his daddy and mommy which is a treat since Jared has been traveling so much and in his line of work he doesn't usually have the holiday off.  We had a pretty low key weekend and got to see Fireworks 2 times! The first were the Frisco fireworks on the 2nd.  Since the 4th is Jared's favorite holiday he wanted to make sure we got in all the fireworks we could and so at 9:30pm we packed up Caleb and took him to a field south of where the fireworks were being set off.  We figured if it was too loud or he was scared we could just close up the car and watch from there. 
Here is Caleb waiting for the fireworks to start....
 Then to our amazement this happened...he LOVED them!  We were pretty far away so it wasn't that loud and he could just look straight was so cute!
 Just had to get another shot of this cuteness!  Also a lovely shot of those adorable super chubby cheeks!
 Then on the 4th we joined Jared's Aunt and Uncle at their country club for the fireworks show there which we have gone to almost every year we have lived here.  It is a great show and you get a great view of the fireworks.  We were a little worried that being this close would be bad for Mr. Caleb but we were wrong again.  Here is his taking a little power nap before the show...
 Once the fireworks started...he just watched, didn't seem bothered at all by the noise!
 Mom, really another picture!
I took a few photos of the fireworks and thought this one was kind of cool.
 Little bottle break during the show!
 And the finale...what a great 4th of July we had!
Disclaimer...Caleb did have some cute "4th of July" outfits but none of them made the pictures...we will have to get some pictures and post those later!

Friday, July 8, 2011

3 Months

Weight: 17lbs - we are not sure exactly since he didn't go to the dr but this is our best guess from weighing him.
Height: 25 inches - again not sure on this one since it is hard to measure him and no dr. apt this month
Eating/Nursing: Caleb is still a great eater and sleeper most of the time.  He usually eats around 7 or 8 for the first time in the morning and is on a pretty regular 3-4 hour schedule still during the day.  He sometimes sleeps all night from about 10-8 or sometimes gets up one or two times to nurse during the night, we never really know :)
Wake time: He continues to be more playful during his wake time.  He smiles and sometimes laughs whenever you come up and talk to him, even when we first get him up in the morning.  Then he starts screaming because he is hungry:)  He is starting to play with his toys and if we can help him he will hold his little toy seal and Sophie for a short period.  He is starting to put anything he can in his mouth and you can see him trying to figure out how to get many things to his mouth.  It is so cool to see his brain working on trying to figure out all these new things!  He is liking books more and more, he really seems interested in the simple books we have which are colors/numbers etc.  He also is making great progress with tummy time. We now have to start him on the back of his play mat because he scoots up to the top pretty quickly.
Napping: We are still struggling a bit with this.  He is pretty consistent that he needs a short nap every 3 hours or so.  Most of the time these naps are 15-20 minutes long but I am starting to see a trend in his morning nap being a little longer and hoping we can get one of the afternoon naps to be a little longer as well.  For the most part he takes about 4-5 naps a day and they range from 15 minutes to almost an hour if we are lucky:)
Night Sleep: Besides a few days here and there he continues to sleep great at night. We are working on regulating his bedtime which has been hard to do with company and daddy's travel schedule.  But I think we are settling into bath time around 8 and in bed by about 9 or 9:30, he then will sleep until 6 or 7, later he goes to bed the later he sleeps in it seems.  We are still swaddling him loosely at night since it seems that the nights we have tried to go without it he wakes himself up. 
Skills: He loves to stand up and sit up with assistance of course :)  When you are sitting and holding him it is just about all he wants to do. During tummy time he manages to scoot himself forward on his play mat and talks up a storm.  He continues to reach at toys and is still very fond of staring at his hands although I don't know that he has really discovered his feet yet.  If we help him he holds onto Sophie and is starting to really open up his hands to feel and grasp objects.
Language: He is starting to make lots more noise and sometimes it sounds like he is saying some noises that sound like a sound mmm, oooo,  eeee.  He loves to talk during tummy time and already so often he seems like he is really trying to communicate back when we talk to him!  He still loves songs and things like patty cake. One of his favorite things is when you blow on his face somehow, if you blow raspberries or anything like that he gets the biggest smile and often laughs out loud.  He sometimes will blow raspberries himself and always gets a huge grin afterwords like he is so proud of himself. 
Fun Facts: He is still our big growing boy and wears size 1-2 diapers (should be in 2's but we are still using up some 1-2's that we got before he was born as gifts) He is wearing 6 month pj's and mostly 6 month clothes.  A few of the larger 3 month things still fit him but for the most part he is in all 6 month cloths.  He loves to smile and always does when someone talks to him or when he sees a new smiling face :)  Light up toys seem to be his favorite these days, he loves his light up aquarium in his crib and his little light up singing toy.
A few facts for his "baby book"
9.5 weeks - first nap in the crib June 1st
9 weeks - sings songs with mommy, often coos and tries to sing with me as I sing him songs.
First Laugh on June 15th - blow raspberries at him nice and close to his face :)
Started playing with hands a lot at the beginning of June.
Started to discover and stare at his hands and stare at them constantly around June 16th.

 Here were a bunch I took one day...too cute to not add a few of them!

 Here is Caleb somewhat holding his seal that Jared named "Freddie"
 Napping in Mommy and Daddy's room in my pack n' play
 This one is a little dark because we didn't want to use a flash to wake him up but thought it was so cute that he fell asleep during story time!
 A little time on his play mat

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Make new friends but keep the old...

One is silver and the other gold....I remember learning that song in Brownies and oh my how it is true!  I have been so lucky in my life to have so many wonderful friends from many stages.  Early childhood, college and beyond they are all such great friends and I can't imagine my life without them in it.  Two of those friends have been there as long as I can remember and one of them moved to Texas at the beginning of the year.  Funny how two girls from Chicago end up in Texas, never would have thought that in a million years!
Kristin, her husband and son moved to New Braunfels, Texas about 4.5 hours South of Dallas.  She had not been able to come up since Caleb was born and we finally found a time that would work.  She and her wonderful husband who so graciously watched their little boy Simon decided it would be a good idea to come when Jared was gone, during the week.  This was wonderful for me as it sometimes gets a little lonely around here during the week when Jared is gone.  Kristin came up on a Wednesday night and was able to stay until Saturday! 
We had a wonderful time playing with Caleb and enjoying each other's company.  We could not remember the last time we actually got to spend that much time together without anyone else really around.  It always proves my favorite point that no matter how much time passes with great friends it feels like no time has passed at all! 

We didn't get too many pictures but we did make some great food, something we have always enjoyed doing together that we learned from our mom's long ago who enjoy doing the same when they are together.
Here is the picture we just had to take of our seared tuna dinner with snap peas and rice noodles.  All Cooking Light inspired!
 Kristin and Caleb....
Had such a great time with you Kristin, love you and that you are closer to us now!  Yes, when you are a 15 hour drive someone living 4.5 hours seems like they live close by :) Can't wait to see you again and hopefully Abram and Simon too!