Monday, July 18, 2011

Cattle Drive!

While Grandma JoJo and Uncle Nate were visiting we thought we would take the opportunity to go to Fort Worth to the daily cattle drive.  Something everyone must experience in Texas right?!?  Now something to check off the bucket list and it gave us the excuse to go to Fort Worth which is always fun since it really seems like you are "in Texas" there and to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant,
 Joe T Garcia's!

Welcome to the Stockyards...
 A little yawn waiting for the cattle drive to begin.
 One of many attempts that day to get Caleb to smile!
 Daddy and Caleb, he seems to think the ground is much more interesting than the camera.
 Garren, a family friend also joined us for this trip.  Here are all the boys and if you look close Caleb is giving a little smile too!
 Here come the cattle!!
 Caleb's first picture with a longhorn!
 And if you blink you might miss it!  Until next time Ft. Worth although we may go back at night next time since it is way to hot to spend to much time walking around in this heat!

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