Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Plane Ride and Trip to Chicago

Caleb took his first plane trip to Chicago in July, he was a great boy on the plane even though our flights were not at great times.  7pm on the way there and 10pm on the way home, needless to say he did a great job although many said he would sleep a lot and that wasn't the case.  Oh well.  Here are some wonderful pics from our trip. Warning, lots and lots of pictures, I think I need to learn how to make a collage.

Grandpa made a welcome sign for Caleb, this is the morning after we arrived, was too dark and too late for a photo the night we arrived.
 Mommy and Caleb pic, there are not many of these so had to throw it in :)
 Not a great pic of C, but the only one we got from the trip of all of us!
 On this visit we got to spend a whole day with my best friend Kerry and her little boy Owen, then we went to dinner at Kerry's parents with my parents also, was great to spend some time with everyone!
 Grandma's and there Grandson's, hard to get a good pic of a 4 month old and a 2 year old but nice pic of our moms!
 On this trip Caleb got to meet his Great Grandma (my mom's mom).  Here they are meeting eachother!
 Baby Caleb and Great Grandma!

 Grandma, Great Grandma & Caleb
 Funny pic of Caleb but 4 Generation picture!
 Great Grandma and a happy Caleb out on her wonderful patio
 Cute picture of Grandma and Caleb on the patio

 Uncle Tyler aka Elvis playing Caleb a few songs!
 Uncle Tyler and Caleb!
 We also were able to time this trip to go to one of my best friends sisters wedding's.  I have known Kristin since I was 2 and Alyssa since she was born so we were very happy that we could make it to the wedding.  Kristin and I before, I came over and helped a little with makeup.
 Mara and Alyssa (the bride:)
 Grandpa and Caleb at the wedding
This one is funny but it was my mom having Caleb "dance" at the table during the wedding :)
 Grandma and Caleb before we left...
 Uncle Tyler and Caleb before we left...
We had a great first trip to Chicago but were sad that Jared could not join us for the trip.  It was wonderful though to see some many friends and family and happy that we got to go back again in early September!

4 Months

Weight: 18.6 lbs
Height: 26 inches, head size is 17.3 all in the 90-97% so he may be big but at least he is consistent all around :)
Eating/Nursing: He is still eating every 3-4 hours during the day and then once or twice in the night. He continues to sleep pretty well at night and usually sleeps through the night although we took a trip to Chicago, his first plane ride, more on that later and seemed to mess up his schedule a bit. We are getting back on track though.
Wake time: This time is getting more and more fun with each week. He really discovered his hands this month, he loves to grab and grasp for toys. He is finally finding his toys really fun to play with and everything goes right to his mouth. He is usually still up for about 2 hours and then needs a nap which during this month was still very inconsistent.
Napping: We struggled with this still and hoping that month 4 will bring some consistency. He still is napping anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 hour and usually every 2 hours this happens. I can tell especially recently that the more he sleeps the happier he is. So we are starting to keep him in his crib for 45 minutes even if he isn't sleeping the whole time so he has consistent rest time.
Night Sleep: He usually goes to sleep for the night around 9 or 10 towards the beginning of month 4 though we are starting to move this earlier to 8 or 9. He sometimes then sleeps all night and sometimes sleeps only a few hours. We are starting to try and train him to fall back asleep if he wakes up to soon. That has been a little hard but is getting better and hopefully will pay off soon.
Skills: He loves to stand up and sit up with assistance of course :) When you are sitting and holding him it is just about all he wants to do. During tummy time he manages to scoot himself forward on his play mat and talks up a storm. He continues to reach at toys and is still very fond of staring at his hands although I don't know that he has really discovered his feet yet. If we help him he holds onto Sophie and is starting to really open up his hands to feel and grasp objects.  Just a few days after his 4 month birthday he started to roll over on his own from back to tummy.  He LOVES being on his tummy now since he can get there himself.  He often sleeps this way now as well!
Language: Caleb has really found his voice this past  month and he loves to hear himself talk and screech.  He used to only screech when he was tired or in between cries but now he often does this during play along with still making lots of cute baby noises.  He continues to sometimes start to talk and has also started grunting this month when he is thinking about something very hard.  He also is still trying to figure out how to consistently blow raspberries, he tries very often most of the time when he is tired.
Fun Facts: He is wearing 2 diapers but could probably fit into 3's already. He is wearing 9 month pj's and just has moved out of his 6 month clothes and onesies into his 9 month clothes.  He LOVES to sit and stand and thinks he is quite the big boy.  He is really happiest when sitting or standing up.  His grabbing reflex has really kicked in this last month and can be pulled up to stand while holding onto our fingers.  Loves to hold my hand, or any other object while nursing or eating.  He continues to be a very happy boy and smiles every time anyone new talks to him, we call him the little flirt because he just get the biggest grin especially when any females talk to him :)  He also went on his first plane ride this past month.  He did a great job but didn't sleep very much, the trip there and back he ate two bottles, played some and slept about 20 minutes . Overall he was a champ!!
A few facts for his "baby book"
Loved Fireworks the first time he saw them, he was in awe and fascinated the whole time.
Slept in his crib every night week of July 4th
Rolled over for the first time July 27th
Started rolling over at night and sleeping on tummy July 28th
Found his screeching voice July.
First plane ride, July 20th.

 Doing a little laundry with mom...
 Showing off how strong I am and how well I can hold my head up...
 Thanks cousin Kelsea for my first OU shirt...
 Testing out the doorway jumper...not sure what to think of this :)
 Happy with my puppy
Cute boy taking a quick snooze on the floor while out visiting friends!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Wow am I behind...

I haven't forgotten about blogging and haven't given up either.  This summer has been wonderful but so busy for all of us.  New job for Jared, I started working part time again, 2 trips to Chicago a trip to Oklahoma, a trip to New Orleans and Colorado Springs all in the last two and a half months.  So now that we are home till Christmas I will continue blogging and try to make up for lost time as well!  Caleb is growing up so fast and I want to make sure to document it well, so we will rewind for awhile on the blog until we get caught up to the present :)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Cattle Drive!

While Grandma JoJo and Uncle Nate were visiting we thought we would take the opportunity to go to Fort Worth to the daily cattle drive.  Something everyone must experience in Texas right?!?  Now something to check off the bucket list and it gave us the excuse to go to Fort Worth which is always fun since it really seems like you are "in Texas" there and to go to our favorite Mexican restaurant,
 Joe T Garcia's!

Welcome to the Stockyards...
 A little yawn waiting for the cattle drive to begin.
 One of many attempts that day to get Caleb to smile!
 Daddy and Caleb, he seems to think the ground is much more interesting than the camera.
 Garren, a family friend also joined us for this trip.  Here are all the boys and if you look close Caleb is giving a little smile too!
 Here come the cattle!!
 Caleb's first picture with a longhorn!
 And if you blink you might miss it!  Until next time Ft. Worth although we may go back at night next time since it is way to hot to spend to much time walking around in this heat!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Little Swimmer

Grandma JoJo and Uncle Nate came to visit and we got to take Caleb swimming a few more times which he loved! We have a feeling he thinks it is just an extended bath where we actually let him suck on his hands.  Jared's Aunt and Uncle, where we take Caleb swimming, have a salt water pool and Caleb likes the new taste on his hands of salt!
Here are a few swimming pictures during their visit!
Caleb is wearing his "Big Kahuna" swim shirt!
Just hangin' out with all my sun gear on!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Caleb's First 4th of July

Caleb's had a great first 4th of July, first he got to spend the whole weekend with his daddy and mommy which is a treat since Jared has been traveling so much and in his line of work he doesn't usually have the holiday off.  We had a pretty low key weekend and got to see Fireworks 2 times! The first were the Frisco fireworks on the 2nd.  Since the 4th is Jared's favorite holiday he wanted to make sure we got in all the fireworks we could and so at 9:30pm we packed up Caleb and took him to a field south of where the fireworks were being set off.  We figured if it was too loud or he was scared we could just close up the car and watch from there. 
Here is Caleb waiting for the fireworks to start....
 Then to our amazement this happened...he LOVED them!  We were pretty far away so it wasn't that loud and he could just look straight was so cute!
 Just had to get another shot of this cuteness!  Also a lovely shot of those adorable super chubby cheeks!
 Then on the 4th we joined Jared's Aunt and Uncle at their country club for the fireworks show there which we have gone to almost every year we have lived here.  It is a great show and you get a great view of the fireworks.  We were a little worried that being this close would be bad for Mr. Caleb but we were wrong again.  Here is his taking a little power nap before the show...
 Once the fireworks started...he just watched, didn't seem bothered at all by the noise!
 Mom, really another picture!
I took a few photos of the fireworks and thought this one was kind of cool.
 Little bottle break during the show!
 And the finale...what a great 4th of July we had!
Disclaimer...Caleb did have some cute "4th of July" outfits but none of them made the pictures...we will have to get some pictures and post those later!