Friday, May 27, 2011

Aunt Heather and Ram come to Visit!

Jared's sister Heather and her fiance Ram came to visit us in Texas!  Heather hadn't been down to visit us since we first moved to Texas so we were very excited for her to be here and for both of them to meet Caleb.
One of the first nights Aunt Heather helped with bath is Aunt Heather and our little Froggie!
 Another picture of Aunt Heather and Caleb, the week she was visiting he really started smiling a lot more, which was so much fun to see for all of us!
 Another attempt at Caleb wearing some Michael Jordan gear to cheer on the Bulls but alas the Bulls could not beat Miami :( As we always say in Chicago there is always next year and now we have to say "Go Mavs"
 Big boy sitting up on the couch in his warm up outfit!
 Aunt Heather and Caleb taking a little nap together, lots of cuddle time was had by these two during the week she was here!
 Jared had to go out of town for work so we had to get a picture with all of us before he left!
 Brother and Sister pic with Caleb!
 Trying to get a picture of Libby and Caleb together...might need him to get better at sitting up on his own before this really works.
 Since it was Ram's first trip to Texas and Heather hadn't been here in awhile we needed to take them out to a few of our favorite restaurants.  Here are Ram, Heather and Caleb in front of Babe's Chicken Dinner house for some good fried chicken and the fixings.  They loved it as well as the building since it looks like an old barn but is really pretty much brand new!
 Heather and I at Babe's!
 Aunt Heather and a silly picture of Caleb :) He looks so big there!
 Another picture of Aunt Heather and Caleb taking a little nap together...very cute!
 Heather and Ram at Rudy's another much needed spot on the Texas tour.  Ram also realized that there is a Rudy's somewhat close to them in Colorado so they were very excited as there isn't much good BBQ in Colorado.
We had a wonderful visit with Heather and Ram and can't wait for them to come back and visit again!

Monday, May 16, 2011


Someday I will catch up with actual time:)

Caleb's first holiday was Easter and with that of course he needed his first picture with the
 Easter bunny!
A great story about that one :) His Great Aunt Janie wanted to make sure he got his picture taken so she invited us over for their neighborhood Easter egg hunt.  Well it was a very hot day here in Texas and by the time we made it to the Easter egg hunt it was over :(  Good thing they are so well connected in their neighborhood. Years ago after renting an Easter bunny costume every year their neighbor actually bought the costume.  So Jared, Uncle Mike, Janie, Caleb and I were in the car already to go to the Easter egg hunt and when we found out it was over she quickly called her friend who owned the Easter bunny costume to figure out who the bunny was and where the costume was.  We then drove to the house and Aunt Janie got the costume to take back to their house.  All the way home uncle Mike said "I am not putting that on!" We all commented that it was too bad Sean wasn't home for Easter because it would be on in a heartbeat and then all decided that Kelsea would be the one to wear the bunny costume.  We walked in the door, told Kelsea and being the amazing sport she is she instantly put on the bunny costume! A few funny quotes from while the costume was on.
"Can you see me smiling?" - Kelsea with the bunny head on
"Your David Yurman bracelets are showing" - Janie to Kelsea
"Gross this bunny head is so sweaty" - Kelsea when she put it on
All in all we got some great pictures and had a great laugh the whole time. Thanks Aunt Janie for getting the costume and Cousin Kelsea for wearing it, you are the both the best and it makes Caleb's first time with the bunny so much more memorable.

The bunny in all hear glory...she had to be seated to hold Caleb as she could not see very well out of the bunny head :)
 Caleb and the Bunny!  He had a nice Easter outfit with yellow duckies on it from Grandma (my mom) and kinda blends in with the bunny suit.  After a little crying he did love it though and fell right to sleep since it was so warm and soft!
 Family pic with the Bunny!
 This is a keeper although you can't see quite how sweaty Kelsea is from having the bunny head on :)
Thanks again Kels, you really moved ahead in the 1st cousin once removed standings for Caleb..haha!  Yes that is a challenge to the rest of you!
 Here is a picture actually on Easter, Caleb and his first Easter basket and his "My 1st Easter" Bib from Grandma JoJo.  In his Easter basket something from all the girl Burke cousins, Cubs outfit from Shana, My 1st Oklahoma shirt from Kelsea and Dallas Stars onesies and a Rangers T-shirt from Ryane.
Jared's Birthday was the Tuesday after Easter and for the 2nd year in a row he was going to be in Houston because of work for it.  So we celebrated on Easter with gifts and Aunt Janie got his favorite an ice cream cake.  Happy Birthday to the best Dad and Husband ever!! Love you babe!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Caleb 1 Month

So I have seen a bunch of my friends do this on blogs and figured it would be a great habit to get into since I know I will type much more about Caleb than I would ever write in his baby book.  Just easier to type and I have terrible handwriting, great scrap booking handwriting but normal writing not so good.
Some of these categories will get a lot more exciting once he gets older but here we go for the big one month, crazy how time flies but how it also feels like Caleb has been in our lives forever!

Weight: He was 9.1 lbs when he was was born, at 2 weeks he was 9.7 lbs and at one month, really more like 5 weeks on how the Dr. appointment fell he weighed 11 lbs, our big growing boy!

Height: 22.3 inches also head size is 15.5 and at two weeks it was 15 and overall he is in the 80th-90th percentile overall.

Eating/Nursing: Nursing for now, Caleb is a wonderful eater and has been ever since he was born.  He loved to eat so much and was so strong that he hurt his momma pretty badly and we had to bottle feed him for a few weeks to give his mom some time to heal.  Since they he has been on a pretty consistent schedule of every three hours during the day and 4-5 at night.  After our 1 month doctor appointment he said we can let him sleep as much as he wants at night, so he has now gone up to a 6 hour stretch at night in between feedings which was awesome.  Hopefully that time will continue to grow as he does :)

Wake Time: Since about 2 weeks of age Caleb has been great with an eat, play, nap schedule.  During his wake time we read books, do tummy time, sing, he loves to look at the pictures on our back wall.  He also loves to look at the light and outside.  After one of his evening feedings we usually have bath time too, which he likes as long as he is in a good mood when we get started.  We try to also take a walk at least once a day if the weather is o.k. so he can have some outside time as well.

Napping:  During the day Caleb is on a pretty good schedule of eating, wake time and then napping for about 1-2 hours.  Sometimes he falls asleep really easily and sometimes he gets quite upset first.  Most of his naps are downstairs on his Boppy Lounger, he is pretty good at sleeping through noise especially the dog barking, kitchen noises etc.  We will start him napping in his crib in the next two weeks or so.  Also, we have determined that he loves sleeping in the swing a little too much and have stopped putting him in it during the day as he then doesn't sleep much at night if he has had too much swing sleeping time during the day!

Night Time Sleep: Around his 10/11pm feeding we start to put him straight to bed after he eats which usually goes pretty well if he has had enough awake time during the day.  He sleeps still in our room at night in the newborn napper in his pack n' play. 

Skills: Since birth he has been holding his head up which is quite amazing!  Since then he has gotten even stronger and holds up his head very well during tummy time.  Also during tummy time he is great at using his legs and often can move around a little bit during tummy time and sometimes uses his legs to push himself forward!  He also has great eye contact and even was told by the pediatrician he had some of the best eye contact at a month he has seen.  He still loves to look over your shoulder at shapes and bright lights but if you talk to him he will follow your voice as you talk and look around when he hears other voices. 

Language: He mainly is just making baby noises at this point with the occasional coo when we talk to him.  Most of the noise he makes is when he is crying :)  More to come on this topic as the months progress!

Fun Facts: Caleb is growing and changing every day it is so amazing.  When he goes to sleep you can watch him smile during his last phase of falling asleep it is very cute and usually the only smile we would see up until this past week.  During the week of April 28th Caleb started to show us his pretty smile every so often.  Even at times that wasn't because of gas or falling asleep.  We are excited to see how this progresses in the coming weeks and to see smiles more often!
Caleb's eyes were very dark blue when he was born and recently they have gotten even lighter blue so we are hoping they stay very blue, we shall see.  He had quite a bit of hair when he was born and seems to have lost some on top but kept most of his hair on the sides and in the back so far. 
Many of the comments we have received are about how adorable he is and how he never looked like a newborn.  Also, people have said how big his hands are and how long his toes are, which in looking at his daddy's baby book people said about him as well!
Clothing size, Caleb is already wearing 3 month clothes and only wore newborn clothes for about a week and a half!
Caleb loves to be swaddled and when he is starting to get tired if we wrap him up tight he calms down after a minute or two and always sleeps so much better and longer if he is wrapped up tight.
Libby checking out Caleb...she is very good with him but doesn't really understand what he is doing here yet and I think she keeps hoping he will leave and her life will go back to normal.  Sorry princess he is here to stay:)

 Some nice tummy time!
 When we don't swaddle him he loves to have his hands up by his face, usually not behind his head but thought this was too cute not to post!
 More tummy time!
 All wrapped up in one of his favorite blankets... 
 This one seems to be a common picture to my posts...haha!
Caleb testing out his chair...Libby watching what is going on from a distance...
 After tummy time a little time on his back checking out his toys...
 Copying Daddy's move...
 1 month picture and onesie to match!!
Stay tuned to watch me grow with monthly pics with my elephant chair!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

2nd Week, Family and First Outing

My parents left on Thursday in the morning and about an hour and a half after they left Jared's Mom and Brother arrived!!
Grandma JoJo holding Caleb for the first time!!  Nice picture of him wide awake!
 Uncle Nate and Caleb!  As everyone said when Uncle Nate would hold Caleb it makes him look more like the size of a newborn, we love you Uncle Nate and Caleb is following in your footsteps!
 Daddy and Caleb...
 Caleb's first big outing besides going to the pediatrician was when we went over to Aunt Janie and Uncle Mike's house or to Caleb, Great Aunt Janie and Great Uncle Mike's house.  They had a few people over to meet Caleb for a little Mexican Fiesta.  Also, Jared's cousin Meagan was in town from Ohio as well as the Moore's who are some of the Seaman's good family friends.
Here is a family shot from the day, Caleb was wearing his onesie that said "Hello Ladies" it was quite a hit!
 Here is a picture with the Seaman's and the Moore's or all of each family that was there.  It was great to see them and have them all meet our little man!
 Here is a picture with all the Burke family that was there, lots more Burke family to meet but he was off to a great start this night!
  Caleb awake and happy in his bed in our room! 
  I just can't help but to take so many of these cute pictures while he is sleeping!

Monday, May 2, 2011

First Days at Home for Caleb

Since Caleb was born at 11:01 pm we only stayed in the hospital the night he was born and one night after.  Funny how it works since if he was born exactly one hour later we would have been there one more night...haha!
Sunday we were ready to bring our little man home!  My parents and brother were at our house and Libby of course was excited to get him home as well...well Libby may not have been quite so excited!

Photo in front of our hospital room door :)
First time in the car seat, our nurse the last day was one of the nurses that did our "car seat check" at the hospital a few days before Caleb was born.  When we put him in the car seat for the first time she actually suggested that we move his straps up one level so he never even used the smallest option!  She said she never really recommends that but he was just such a big boy already!
Picture leaving the hospital before Caleb's first car ride, he actually didn't like the car ride much he was getting hungry so he screamed the whole way home which was less than 5 minutes!
Flag and balloons to great us as we brought Caleb home for the first time.  Funny story, as I got out of the car since Tyler was at our house his first question when I got out and looked at me was "Sissy, you have another baby in there?"  Lovely Tyler!
Picture inside the house for the first time!
Jared took Libby out for a walk before we brought Caleb in the house and then he let her in to go "find the baby" this worked well and she has been great with him.  The only time we have trouble is when people are over she gets a little mad that no one is paying attention to her and often licks him :)
Here is a nice picture of Jared, Caleb and Libby.
Proud Daddy with his Son!
Mommy and Son and Daughter :)  Libby in her favorite spot overseeing what is going on and who this strange new little thing is that we brought home!
Daddy and Son nap, no this isn't staged is the funnier part!
Testing out the swing, he always would go in the swing when we would eat dinner during the time when our family was here visiting.
Grandma and Grandpa with Caleb, they were so excited to meet him and spend his first few days with him!
Grandma and Caleb, a little time holding him in his new chair.
Grandpa and Caleb, here he is swaddled up and spends most of his sleeping time like that.
Sleeping on Daddy after he ate...he loves his blanket he got at the hospital and how could you not it is minky on one side and satin on the other.
Another shot of Daddy and Son sleeping together, again not posed :)
I can't help but post these, so cute when he is sleeping...
A shot of Grandma and Uncle Elvis the day they were leaving.  We were so glad to have them all here and missed them as soon as they left!