Sunday, December 19, 2010

30th Birthday and 27 weeks...

Before we depart on our annual "Midwestern Christmas Tour" wanted to post a few pictures...the first one is Libby in front of the tree ;)
 Here is us trying to get a good picture with Libby looking at the camera, no such luck though...oh well ;)
 A little belated but for my 30th birthday we met some good friends at the Gaylord at their newer Italian restaurant. Very fun and great to see everyone especially before we all are apart for the holidays....special note to anyone in Texas, food was great but service was not towards the end...they take reservations for late parties but then don't leave their kitchen open long enough to accommodate.  Missed out on dessert but we were all so full I think it was for the best :)
 Everyone at dinner...
 John is holding up what he claimed as a "large shrimp"....still wondering if it was lobster or actually shrimp ;)
 Here are a few pictures of me at 27 weeks, all still seems to be going well just waiting for the results of my glucose test and hoping they come back good so I don't have to take the long test!  Other than that still feeling pretty good, we will see if I say the same thing after our 15 hour car ride to Chicago ;)
Can't wait though for time with our families for Christmas and also a baby shower in the mix...will try to post some pics while we are there!

Friday, December 10, 2010

24 Weeks!

I have missed a few weeks but here are my pictures from last week.  Finally starting to feel like I look pregnant and not just fat ;) Finally registered which was very fun and are starting to plan out the baby's room, although we witll have a lot to get rid of before we can get that all done and set up.  January is going to be as busy as November and December but oh well, all very exiting!!
Also, still feeling good but starting to feel a little more pregnant, welcome some heart burn and I am sure the next few months will be bring some more uncomfort but all so worth it!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Belated Thanksgiving Post!!

So I have already become that person I didn't want to me...slow to post and behind.  Ahh!! Needless to say things have been crazy lately, that's what happens at the holidays and last time I went to post it would not let me upload pictures.  Here are some belated pictures of Thanksgiving.  We started a tradition 3 years ago with our good friends Lynne and Aaron to go to the Cowboys game on Thanksgiving.  It has always been a great time and they made the trip back from London this year for Thanksgiving and for the game.  We had a great group to tailgate this year but it was freezing!!  About 30 some degrees that day which wasn't ideal for tailgating but the game was amazing.  The Cowboys played the Saints so I must say there were quite a few more Saints fans at our tailgate than Cowboys fans.  The game was awesome, the best professional game any of us had seen and I was happy with the result as were all the other Saints fans, go Drew Brees!!

Here is a picture of Lynne and Aaron before the game with their wedding umbrellas, Saints for Lynne and Cowboys for Aaron of course!
 Here are Jared and I before the game, I found it a great time to wear my Saints jersey but also all my old Purdue gear!
 Danielle and Colin also in a Saints/Cowboys relationship...seems that a lot of friends cheer on different teams than their spouses which makes me feel better as Jared and I have really no teams in common really.
 Jared and Kellen warming up in the car while tailgating...notice the gloves, I had bought a bunch of stretchy gloves for a $1 each and each and every pair was worn...along with anything else we could find that was warm!
 A picture at our seats inside the stadium...ready for the game to begin and finally warming up!
 Starting off the game!
 Saints have just scored a touchdown here! 
 Keith Urban was the half time show, he was great, this is a picture from the HUGE screen there, you often can't help but just watch the screen even during the game.
Despite the frigid temperature we had a wonderful time at the game and a great Thanksgiving!
Hope you all did too!!