Monday, March 7, 2011

36 Weeks...

This one is a little late too, going to take a 38 week picture today! Can't believe we are soo close already! Wearing the same shirt as the 33 week picture so you can see some difference ;)  As you can see Libby made it into the last picture, she is so excited for her little brother....umm j/k she doesn't have any clue how much her life is going to change...poor girl.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Shower in Texas!!

I had a wonderful baby shower in Texas the weekend of the super bowl.  There was a bit of drama leading up to the shower in that in Dallas we had 2 inches of ice covering everything for about 3 days and then the dusting of show we were supposed to get turned into 6 inches.  For a city that shuts down at the threat of bad weather you imagine how crazy it was here.  The shower was Saturday which was supposed to be really our first day of a little warmer weather where the snow and ice might finally melt.  That mixed with the fact that Jared's mom, brother and grandpa's flights got canceled which lead to them driving down!!  We moved the shower back from its original 11am time to the afternoon! I am so glad we did because we then had a wonderful turnout and the day was perfect! 
To start off here are some pictures of the fabulous decor, and cake!
 Awesome cake!! 
 Even a gluten-free cake for me! 
 Cakeballs were a hit as well as the brownies, you can see some more of the decor in these pics which was fabulous!  Lots of sports stuff as that is what the babies nursery theme is.
 Some of the fabulous presents!
 Games!  Some were pretty tough, the hardest was Mac' & Cheese but my friend Kristin got that one :) 
Cute, cute favors!  Basketballs, Baseballs and Soccer ball cookies, I heard they were excellent!  Darn trying to be good and not eat flour!
 Pictures of Jared and I when we were babies, such a cute idea!
 Also, some favorite toys memories from when were little, doll and book of mine and a bunny, shoes and pictures of Jared!  All were quite cute and I must say I had forgotten about some of them so nice to see them again!!
Me with the amazing hosts of the shower, they did such a fabulous job and I had such a great time! 
 Gift from my Mom (had to get a pic since they could not be there,missed her!) mobile for the room as well as Sophie the giraffe!
 Gift from cousin Kelsea, she wanted to come but couldn't make it down from Oklahoma because of the weather, a cute OU tag blanket.  This child is going to be VERY confused when it comes to sports teams to root for :)  Jared and I differ in who we cheer for in about every sport plus we have the Texas and Oklahoma teams...oh my!!
 Adorable sign that Aunt Kayla made for the babies room "for Love of the Game"  is perfect in the room, will try to post pictures of that soon!
 This onesie was a favorite, thanks Cyndi!! 
 Big gift of the carseat from the shower hosts...thank you so much...already installed in the car!
 Me with the adorable cake
 Showing off some gifts from Aunt Heather who could not be there either, we missed you!  A great blanket for the baby to play on as well as some Micheal Jordan onesie's (one player Jared and I can both agree on as a favorite)
 Me, my mother in law and sister in law with all the wonderful gifts!!
The shower was such fun, so glad we were able to have it and it wasn't cancelled due to crazy weather in Dallas!! 

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

33 Weeks...a little late

I haven't been a very good blogger lately so here are a few posts to catch up :)  Here are my 33 week pictures! Can't believe this was already several weeks ago!  Time is flying by and we are so excited to meet our little boy!