Saturday, October 8, 2011

First Plane Ride and Trip to Chicago

Caleb took his first plane trip to Chicago in July, he was a great boy on the plane even though our flights were not at great times.  7pm on the way there and 10pm on the way home, needless to say he did a great job although many said he would sleep a lot and that wasn't the case.  Oh well.  Here are some wonderful pics from our trip. Warning, lots and lots of pictures, I think I need to learn how to make a collage.

Grandpa made a welcome sign for Caleb, this is the morning after we arrived, was too dark and too late for a photo the night we arrived.
 Mommy and Caleb pic, there are not many of these so had to throw it in :)
 Not a great pic of C, but the only one we got from the trip of all of us!
 On this visit we got to spend a whole day with my best friend Kerry and her little boy Owen, then we went to dinner at Kerry's parents with my parents also, was great to spend some time with everyone!
 Grandma's and there Grandson's, hard to get a good pic of a 4 month old and a 2 year old but nice pic of our moms!
 On this trip Caleb got to meet his Great Grandma (my mom's mom).  Here they are meeting eachother!
 Baby Caleb and Great Grandma!

 Grandma, Great Grandma & Caleb
 Funny pic of Caleb but 4 Generation picture!
 Great Grandma and a happy Caleb out on her wonderful patio
 Cute picture of Grandma and Caleb on the patio

 Uncle Tyler aka Elvis playing Caleb a few songs!
 Uncle Tyler and Caleb!
 We also were able to time this trip to go to one of my best friends sisters wedding's.  I have known Kristin since I was 2 and Alyssa since she was born so we were very happy that we could make it to the wedding.  Kristin and I before, I came over and helped a little with makeup.
 Mara and Alyssa (the bride:)
 Grandpa and Caleb at the wedding
This one is funny but it was my mom having Caleb "dance" at the table during the wedding :)
 Grandma and Caleb before we left...
 Uncle Tyler and Caleb before we left...
We had a great first trip to Chicago but were sad that Jared could not join us for the trip.  It was wonderful though to see some many friends and family and happy that we got to go back again in early September!

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  1. Looks like Caleb has enjoyed his first plane trip a lot. That reminds me a great book on Amazon by Kim Jenkins, My First Plane Trip- Flying for kids airplane book ( That was truly amazing and My kids have all loved that.